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Welcome to CLPSS


Welcome to CLPSS

Our History

In the early 1980's, there was a steady growth of Charotaria Leuva Patidar families and few people saw the need for a formulation of a Samaj.  It began to be apparent that Samaj was beginning to unite as more families began to come to the United States. There are many to recognize for their help, but Few community well wishers and visionaries, which are listed here, Ishverbhai Parbhubhai (Malekpore, NJ), Thakorbhai Vithalbhai (Pisad, Washington), Thakorbhai Naginbhai (Ena, New York), Bhulabhai Chhotubhai (Tavdi, Arkansas), Dalpatbhai Chhotubhai (Malekpore, NJ), Ratilal Lalbhai (Vanesa, NJ), Ishverbhai Nathubhai (Ena, NY), Harsadbhai Parbhubhai (Gangpur, MA), Dhirubhai Gulabhai (Ena, GA), Champakbhai  Dahyabhai (Vanesa,  Conn.), Vasantbhai Bhikhubhai (Kanav, FL.), Manubhai Dahyabhai (Chicago, Sydala) and others worked hard, made the decision to form a non- profit organization in 1988. 

By beginning a formal Samaj, the ability to promote our culture, religion and family values was easier for the upcoming generations.  Following the commencement of CLPSS, an organizational meeting was held to elect the Board of Trustees, Board of Governors and Executive Committees; as well as the by-laws was voted upon.  

Once the establishment of CLPSS commenced, the Board of Trustees held meetings entertaining the eager idea and suggestions from the community. CLPSS set goals it would like to achieve which included: The compilation of a CLPSS Samaj directory; National and Regional conventions, including National Youth Conventions, Loan assistants to qualifying youth of our Samaj and Regional sports and Cultural Activities.

Before our very own eyes, in 1988, CLPSS was born and has been carried on through the next generation and many more to come.  Today we see a very successful Samaj under the leadership of new generation who has definitely closed the gaps and build the bridges.